Content filtering appliances for SOHO,

Libraries, Churches and Schools

The iSentinal™ content filtering appliance products are specifically designed to economically fill the need of the Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) as well as churches, schools and libraries.

children_using_computerPreventing objectionable Internet web page content from being accessed is a daunting task. In the past, libraries, schools and businesses have spent millions of dollars trying to keep up with the daily addition of over 500,000 new web pages. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these are inappropriate, often illegal and dangerous and non-productive. Our mission is to block porn and other objectionable URLs on the web.

The iSentinal™ Content Filtering Appliance is a fully integrated hardware and software system providing local control over Internet usage through defined filtering policies. The iSentinal™ filtering software is capable of blocking Web access based on numerous different criteria. The filter lists provide high quality, comprehensive content blocking. Typical predefined content blocking categories, include porn, adult content, violence, drugs, news, employment, etc. All of which are easily selected by the click of a mouse.

Detailed specifications for the iSentinal URL Content Filtering Appliance can be found at iSentinal™ Technical Specifications.