What is Content or URL Filtering?


The iSentinal™ URL Content Filtering Appliance automatically manages user’s Web access reducing the administration time required to provide and control this function. By eliminating the downloading of undesired information it preserves bandwidth of the Internet connection. This reduces queuing delays providing tangible increases in user productivity. Web data is automatically cached providing “local access” for subsequent accesses further improving web responsiveness. Blocking of undesirable information reduces legal exposures to the organization and for schools it assures full CIPA compliance.

When users are given unrestricted access to the Web up to 60% of employees spend more than 20 minutes per day surfing web sites that are completely unrelated to their jobs. This includes sites that contain pornography, sports information, gambling, travel, job hunting, dating and many other diversions.

Content filter lists provide high quality comprehensive URL blocking with dozens of predefined categories. The lists are easily customized. Categories can be selected with the click of the mouse. The format of the lists is published allowing local customization including the editing of existing lists.