About Firewall Servers


Firewall Servers develops Internet URL web content filter, porn blocking appliances for use by business, schools, libraries, churches and government.

Our primary focus is preventing access to pornography and other inappropriate, unwanted objectionable and time wasting Internet content. As well as protecting users through  sophisticated firewall software.

Our newest Internet content filtering appliance with integral firewall, the iSentinal™, offers the best prices in the industry for a full featured content filter, ready to run in a home or small office (SOHO) environment. The iSentinal™ URL blocking appliance also meets all of the CIPA criteria for schools and libraries. CIPA, the Children’s Internet Protection Act, is a federal law enacted in 2000 by Congress. To meet CIPA compliance regulations, schools and libraries must show that they have installed proper equipment and implemented an overall computer usage solution. A comprehensive solution must be in place to prevent minor’s Internet access to pornography, obscene and other prohibited web sites.

 The Internet provides unprecedented access to information on a global basis. Due to the wide variety of information available, most corporate management are concerned about the downloading of inappropriate information. The iSentinal™ URL Content Filtering Appliance is capable of blocking Web access based on several different user-defined criteria. Blocking can be performed on a URL, host name, IP address or by key words that may appear in the URL. Overall network security is provided, along with the specific URL content filtering attributes required to obtain CIPA compliance.

The iSentinal’s filtering lists provide high quality, comprehensive content blocking with predefined categories. These include: porn, adult content, violence, drugs, news, employment, etc. All of which are easily selected by the click of a mouse. User specific websites can be added for blocking by the network administrator.

The iSentinal™ Content Filter Appliance provides effective management controls that implement and enforce the policies for web usage.